Loni Conley Will Be A Voice For Working People

Over the last few months, I have gotten to know Loni Conley through organizing in my community, West View Mobile Park. We have faced issues with unfair rent increase, safe water usage, and septic problems. Loni is a nurse and a single mother, and she struggles to afford rent in Missoula County and recognizes how difficult this must be for her neighbors. Loni has volunteered her time and knowledge to help us organize our tenant needs, and to demand that the details of our leases be upheld. Loni grew up in the West View Mobile Park, and deeply cares about my community, and has been an advocate for fair and affordable housing. Loni is now running to represent us in House District 96. She has proven that she will listen and respond to the needs of our community, and will be a strong voice for working people. As a Representative in Helena, Loni will bring attention to the housing hardships of many Missoulians and pursue affordable and discrimination free housing options. Please join me in voting for Loni Conley for House District 96 this Nov. 3.

Nikki Kelly, Missoula

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